Faith, prayer, generosity and servant entrepreurship is very rarely associated with doing business, and yet that is exactly what Samoan businesswoman Cherylene Fatupaito, owner of Koko Café does every day.

On Wednesday 4th December, the Waikato Pacific Business Network kicked off its festive season with a topic from the heart “Business with Soul”. Where we heard the inspirational story of Cherylene who shared her successes and challenges of running a business based on her faith principles.

“We don’t compromise our values. We apply our faith and principles in everything we do. From what ingredients we use, to how we prepare our food, and to choosing not to serve alcohol.” Cherylene shared.

“Not serving alcohol does limit our customers, but it’s a decision I’ve stuck with based on my faith.” Cherylene shared.

From being Head Chef and running her teams at different restaurants, Cherylene had always dreamed of running her own restaurant, but was always hesitant when assessing it against the risk.

She attributes her push into starting her own restaurant on her faith, and truly believes that everything will be ok if she continues to live by her principles and surround herself with the right people.

We also heard briefly from newly elected Mayoress Paula Southgate and Hamilton City Councillor Ryan Hamilton on their future plan of collaborating and engaging with Pasifika to address key areas of interest / concerns for Pasifika, namely housing and community wellbeing.

It was a great night of heart, business and new future aspirations to end our 2019 year; moving into 2020.




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