Waikato Pacific Business Network

The Waikato Pacific Business Network launched in Hamilton this week, aiming to connect, share and empower Pasifika businesses in the region.

Posted by Tagata Pasifika on Friday, 4 May 2018


The Waikato Pacific Business Network was proud to officially launch in Hamilton this year; creating a platform to connect, share and empower Pacific businesses, enterprise owners and professionals to build a more resilient Pacific business community within the Waikato Region.

What began as a Samoan Network six years ago has expanded and re-branded to include the wider Pacifica community. This was partly due to Pacifica and Maori making up 30% of the region with the forecast of increasing in the future. In December last year, WPBN became a fully incorporated society.

The purpose behind the Network is to create opportunities for collaborating, networking and business growth for Pacifica. A major goal is to increase the number of successful Pacifica businesses and skilled workforce in the region by providing strong internal connections, information and links to the wider community to enable businesses to grow and succeed. As well as encourage Pacifica participation within the regional economic development.

It was also an honour to have the Minister of Pacific Peoples, Honourable Aupito Su’a William Sio, distinguish guest, City MP’s and Councillors, businesses, professionals and community supporters attend the official launch.

As Minister Sio said, “This is the type of community-driven initiative that demonstrates just how successful we can be when we stand up to help our own community… This approach magnifies the impact of Pacific entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners. It draws them into the commercial mainstream. It is a formula for growth.”

The Network currently has support and partnerships with a range of established businesses across different industries, creating a strong platform in the Region. This is also driven and reflected by the diverse professional expertise and partnerships brought on by the board members. Not only is there a diverse way of thinking and ethnic inclusion, but the areas of expertise range from legal advising, accountancy, manufactory, construction, community, employment and more.

The event was well attended and shows the wide support and drive for bigger Pacifica Participation in the Economic decisions. We look forward to supporting and connecting people in this space.

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