The Budget 2023 was released yesterday. Here is the announcement made by Minister for Pacific Peoples, Hon Barbara Edmonds on what’s in store for Pacific Peoples with a strong focus on youth, skills and learning, and promoting cultural connections. Click here to view the Minister’s announcement.

“Budget 2023 builds on the $683 million that has been invested since 2019 meaning more than $734 million has been invested over successive Pacific Budget packages.”

Below is a short breakdown of the Budget 2023 Pacific package including investments over four years:

$13.3 mill – to implement the Pacific Languages Strategy
$14.1 mill – investment in Pacific Community Resilience and Wellbeing
$12.8 mill – to implement the Pacific Employment Action Plan
$3.1 mill – to support the growth, resilience and sustainability of Pacific businesses
$1.7 mill – for one year for initiatives to enhance Pacific data and digital inclusion efforts, and a Pacific data equity work programme
$1 mill – for one year for the Tupu Aotearoa Programme to enhance employment and education pathways for Pacific people
$5 mill – to support Pacific Early Childhood Education

Click here to view the overall Budget 2023.

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